Now the US Navy Intimidates Venezuelan Fishing Vessel in International Waters

A Venezuelan fishing vessel was boarded in the Pacific Ocean by the US Coast Guard. On April 28, a fact that was celebrated by the right-wing media and social networks in Venezuela. The name of the ship is “Taurus I” that carries out fishing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica, authorized by the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission.

The illegal boarding of the Venezuelan vessel, which usually fishes in Costa Rican waters, was carried out by the cutter USCGC James and the USS Tornado, following US Southern Command orders and the excuse was that it was part of “actions in the Caribbean and the Pacific, to stop the flow of drug trafficking from South and Central America to the United States . ”

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The DEA and the South-Com under Washington’s regime orders have initiated in recent weeks actions in the Caribbean and now in the Pacific trying to build a military blockade against Venezuela due to the unsuccessful regime change attempt with deputy Juan Guaido. Meanwhile thousands of poor US citizens are dying everyday due to Covid-19, the lack of leadership and the mismanagement of Donald Trump.

Nothing illegal was found on the fishing vessel, which usually carries out tuna fishing activities in these international waters. The ship belongs to a rich Italian family from the east of Venezuela, owners of the Grupo Natoli (Natoli Gentile family). In Venezuela rich families are usually hard core anti-Chavistas.

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“This is a photo op set up by the SouthCom with several objectives: add to the smear campaign against President Maduro, to keep alive the dossier of Venezuela as a drug problem when everyone knows that the biggest drug problems in the world are the United States and Colombia, but also with this action the US military apparatus tightens even more the food blockade against Venezuela due to intimidation of our fishing fleet,” a political expert said to Orinoco Tribune.

“They are looting our assets, gold and bank accounts, they intimidate anyone trying to do business with the government, they have imposed criminal sanctions against PDVSA our main source of income and now they are intimidating our fishermen. What else they will do? An invasion?” added the expert.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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