NYC in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

The Party of Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is inviting to a solidarity activity in NYC for today from 6 to 8 pm in front of the Venezuelan m Consulate, 7 E 51st.

Below an update translated by William Camacaro an old time Venezuelan activist from New York:


I am at this moment in Caracas Venezuela, en la patria de Bolivar, Chavez y Maduro. I want to thank all of you for your support. Venceremos!

The self-proclaimed president of Venezuela is in the embassy of Colombia since yesterday . He’s probably thinking of governing from exile.

🇻🇪 Who is in Miraflores ( presidencial office ) and holds the Presidency of the Republic is Nicolás Maduro.

🇻🇪 The self-proclaimed (self-appointed) interim president is sheltering in an embassy, in other words, in foreign territory.

🇻🇪 Guaidó does not have control of the F.F.A.A. -for Venezuela Bolivarian National Armed Forces- and already the military high command reiterated loyalty to Maduro.

🇻🇪 The usurpation of functions is classified as a crime in our constitution, and consequently the Venezuelan justice will act.

🇻🇪 At this moment he would be the president of two public powers, which is a usurpation and violates the same independence of powers that the opposition pretends to defend, regardless of any legality.

🇻🇪 The government of President Nicolás Maduro broke diplomatic relations with the US and ordered all of its accredited personnel in our country to leave the territory in 72hrs.

👉 Please spread this out to our national and international contacts. And join any solidarity activity agains yanki Coup D’Etat in Venezuela.

👉 The usurpation and attacks against Venezuelan people all over the world, seeks more a show and international recognition, than a real control in our country. They want to legitimize a supposed “humanitarian” corridor, as in Libya, which was the mask to invade.


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