Palestinian Medical Mission Conducted More Than 70 Surgical Procedures in Venezuela

The Minister of the Popular Power for Health, Carlos Alvarado López, highlighted the role of Palestinian doctors in Venezuelan operating rooms to help patients in the country. During the Sovereign Health radio show , transmitted by RNV Informativa, the head of the health portfolio said that this visit was made within the framework of the strengthening of bilateral relations between both nations.

15 Palestinian doctors carried out more than 70 interventions in four hospitals between Caracas and Vargas state, despite the electric sabotage suffered by the country last March.

The delegation consisted of neurosurgeons, traumatologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists and obstetric gynecologists, as well as medical students who live at the headquarters of the Latin American School of Medicine (Elam), located in Venezuela.

Listen to the Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado López (Spanish):


Source URL: RNV

Translated by JRE\EF


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