Premiere: “Chavista Chronicles from Caracas” with Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza (Episode 01)

Editorial note: We apologize for mistaken Bahamas with Barbados. The  peace talks in BARBADOS are the ones being suspended.

After receiving several suggestions from friends and readers from different countries, the most requested feature they demanded from Orinoco Tribune was VIDEOS about current events in Venezuela, in response we took the step of launching this video podcast we have called CHAVISTA CHRONICLES FROM CARACAS with Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza.

“Chavista Chronicles from Caracas” will be a weekly video podcast of 10-15 minutes (sorry for the length of this first one) with the most relevant events in Venezuela from the eye of Orinoco Tribune’s editor, Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza. It will be posted every sunday night in our Youtube channel.

This is our first video podcast and we hope we receive your feedback in order to improve it and make it better. English language is not the native tongue of our editor and he apologizes for not having perfect english but we consider that the most relevant aspect of offering this video is presenting the perspective of a Venezuelan about events in his country from a Chavista perspective.

We hope to see you around next Sunday.


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