President Maduro: Venezuela Raises Flags of Freedom with Mother Africa – Meanwhile Uganda’s Bobi Wine Meets with ‘President’ Guaidó

This Wednesday, February 3, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro paid tribute to the independence leaders of Africa and stressed that Venezuela raises, together with Mother Africa, the flags of freedom, independence and justice.

He greeted and thanked the internationalist solidarity with Venezuela of the peoples and governments of Africa in the face of systematic attacks and coercive actions applied by the planet’s imperialist powers and praised this support as part of the African spirit of independence.

President Maduro urged representatives of Africa to join forces to combat imperialism. “Today, more than ever, it is necessary to unite our struggles,” he said. “Imperialism is the neo-colonialism of the 21st century, which seeks to undermine the foundations of our independent and sovereign states through conventional and unconventional wars.”

“We share with Mother Africa the struggle for independence to achieve the supreme happiness of our peoples who own their own destiny, breaking the chains of colonialism and the shameful apartheid regime,” added the Head of State.

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He stated that in the “liberation processes in South Africa, the importance of internationalism and of the unity of revolutionaries in the face of external aggression by neo-colonial powers of the world was evident.”

The Venezuelan government delivered the Francisco de Miranda award in First Class to the independence leaders and heroes of Africa.

He recalled that Nelson Mandela was a fundamental pillar of the liberation of the South African continent, defending the dignity of his people.

“All those people who participated in these historical processes, to whom today we grant the Francisco de Miranda order in First Class, a monumental order for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for all those who were guided by a deep spirit of freedom, of justice and love for their people,” said Maduro.

The Venezuelan president pointed out that the freedom of the African continent is the product of the sacrifice of its people and of international solidarity in all its forms, including with Cuban combatants who lost their lives in African territory.

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“The consolidation of the Angolan people cannot be understood without the support of Cuba, among many others, but at the same time Angola and Cuba were fundamental for the liberation of Namibia for one, and for the end of Apartheid in South Africa,” he said.

He added that Venezuela is heir to the liberation struggles of the American continent, “and our revolution assumes the legacy that they sowed for the free peoples of the world, the liberators of America. Commander Hugo Chávez taught us to see the African continent as our mother, the Mother Africa, because we share the same destiny, the same future—hence the importance of our unity, to face the powers of the planet as equal peoples.”

Meanwhile Uganda’s Bobi Wine speaks with former deputy Guaidó
In parallel to President Maduro statements, the candidate defeated in Uganda’s recent presidential elections, Bobi Wine, posted on his Twitter account that he spoke with former deputy Juan Guaidó, referring to him as “president.”

“Very pleased to speak with President @jguaido of Venezuela this evening,” wrote Bobi Wine. “We discussed the way forward for both countries, and the need to build synergies for the defense of democratic principles and human rights across the globe.”

Many individuals, organizations and media in Africa and around the world had seen Wine as a fresh progressive alternative for Uganda, but with this Twitter post Bobi Wine revealed his true colors and confirmed that he isn’t at all what the left had hoped for.

Margaret Kimberley commented the following on Wine’s tweet: “You know that Guaidó is the US puppet trying to overthrow the elected president Maduro. Whatever you were promised in exchange for this treachery will do you no good. Your reputation will never recover from this outrageous act.”

Among other expressions of anger and discontent, Q Anthony (@andraydomise) wrote: “Way to flush all that goodwill down the drain just to play a sock-puppet.”


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(Ultimas Noticias) by Jeisnimar Nair Silva, with Orinoco Tribune content

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