President of Telesur: Guaido “Talks About Something he Doesn’t Know and Clearly Doesn’t Understand”

The president of Telesur, Patricia Villegas responded to deputy Juan Guaidó through her Twitter account after he announced the creation of a special commission for the “restructuring” of Telesur.

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“Threats in social networks to a media outlet, curiously coming from those who boast of defending freedom of expression. Journalists, guilds, institutions, states, take note,” the president of Telesur posted.

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In that sense Villegas said that “the deputy talks about what he does not know and clearly does not understand. His signature is the photos on the border with Los Rastrojos and how he jumps fences. We keep working!”, she added.

Featured image: Patricia Villegas, President of Telesur

Source URL: Aporrea

Translated by JRE/EF