Program “Soy Mujer” Finances More than 20 Thousand Socio-productive Projects

Zulay Aguirre, the director of this government initiative, informed us that the program is committed to transform women into “engineers”, because they prepare them for project preparations, executions and accountability.

“Program Soy Mujer supports, finances and tracks 20,200 projects,” she said in an interview with Café en la Mañana, by Venezolana de Televisión [VTV].

“Up to 20 thousand sovereign bolivars have been granted to the entrepreneur woman,” said Aguirre.

She stressed that the evaluations that the program does does not place limitations on entrepreneurship, instead, promotes training.

She also mentioned that from Soy Mujer, the projects are monitored in a house-to-house accompaniment.

“We visit them, we ask what their needs are and, when they are on track, we also evaluate how they are growing,” she said.

Aguirre indicated that this method of work with the program has allowed the delinquency rate to be close to zero.

“We have 0.4% of women who still owe, women are good paying, we have more than 1,000 women who go to a second and third credit,” she said.

Women who wish to join can approach one of the continuous meetings held throughout the country.

Soy Mujer has the support of the National Institute of Training and Socialist Education (Inces) for the training and certification of entrepreneurs in various labor fields.

Once this step is achieved, the program facilitates the financing of the project in partnership with public banks.

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