They Assassinated Lucy Villareal, Cultural Emblem of Tumaco (Colombia)

The murder occurred in Llorente, an hour from Tumaco. At a moment when the artist and leader had finished dictating a workshop for children in the municipality.

This Wednesday, December 25, the Indo-American Cultural Foundation released the news of the murder of Lucy Villareal, social leader of Tumaco, in Nariño.

Some local sources say that those who decided to kill the leader did so on December 23 after the leader left to give a workshop for children and coordinate the exhibition Women, South and Life, which highlights women leaders and defenders of human rights. In addition, the first versions, say she was killed by a hitman.

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This news was confirmed on the Twitter account of the governor of Nariño, Camilo Romero, who also expressed his outrage at this case and his solidarity with Lucy’s family:

“There cannot be so much infamy! In #Tumaco they murdered #LucyVillarreal, leader, carnival artist and defender of life. They did it when a workshop for children ended. The sadness is immense. This news stains Christmas. Solidarity with their relatives. #Nomás!”, Said Camilo Romero.

What is known at the moment is that the leader Lucy Villareal was the mother of two small children, and also that she was part of the Pasto Indo-American Cultural Foundation, which is characterized by paying tribute to Narinoan folklore.

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For its part, the public foundation this past December 24, lamented this event in a tweet: “Eternity is reserved for people of great works. Forever Lucy Villarreal great minguera #NiUnaMenos”.

Likewise, one of Lucy’s daughters wrote on her Facebook profile a few words for her mother: “You are becoming the best person, the one who filled the soul of any person with her smile. I miss you so much, my beautiful mother, beautiful and lovely woman. Today you leave great pain, we will miss you”.

On the other hand, there were also those who expressed their condolences to the relatives, and in turn, remembered all the trajectory she had in the world of art and dance:

“You were my inspiration, I was fascinated to see Indo and I watched your presentation with admiration of an imposing, smiling woman. A dancer who conveyed joy, proud of her carnival, participated in Indo for 25 years and we were both there establishing your legacy of inheritance,” said Nancy Lopez.

“Forever you will be in our hearts my Lucy Villarreal, thank you for your teaching, for your beautiful way of being, for your joy, for that immense love you gave and you will continue to give your family and friends from heaven,” said Jairo Cuastumal.

So far it is not clear whether the murder was an “isolated case” or if, on the contrary, it is related to the work she was doing.

The authorities have not ruled in this regard, so it is uncertain if there is any hint of who is responsible. However, the secretary of government of Nariño clarified that “so far no reward has been offered for those who report the crime.”

At this time, the vigil is being held in the Memorial Rooms, in the central area of the Llorente district.

Source URL: Revista Politica

Translated by EF