May 28: Panel on Alternative Media – Coordination, Cooperation & Socialism (Orinoco Tribune 2 ½-Year-Anniversary)

Note: this panel is now complete and can be viewed on Youtube at this link.

Orinoco Tribune is celebrating 30 months of existence with a panel to discuss alternative media, its importance and the need for better coordination and cooperation in the battle against mainstream media (MSM) and capitalism.

Alternative media outlets and writers have been proliferating in recent years, and a significant number of them are counter-hegemonic, anti-imperialist and socialist. This is a positive phenomenon, but there is sometimes more competition than cooperation among these new information options.

In this panel we hope to address the issue from a constructive perspective, taking into consideration the fact that mainstream media clearly coordinate among themselves. The goal is to raise awareness on the issue of coordination, and on the importance of advancing with a minimum of organization that might best permit alternative media to achieve its goals.

We will have two amazing panelists joined by myself, editor at Orinoco Tribune:

• Ben Norton (The Grayzone),
• Camila Escalante (Kawsachun News)
• Jesús Rodríguez-Espinoza (Orinoco Tribune)

It will be a Zoom meeting with simultaneous live streaming to our Facebook page. We encourage our readers and followers to use the Zoom platform because it allows a better interaction with the panelists.

Facebook Event Page


There will be a Q&A section within the Zoom meeting, and we will also keep an eye on the Facebook stream to interact with viewers and transmit any questions to the Zoom platform.

Join us for this unique debate and please share widely.


Featured image: Invitation banner for Orinoco Tribune’s 2½ Anniversary Panel. 

Special for Orinoco Tribune by Jesús Rodríguez-Espinoza


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