US Citizens Again Doubt Trump’s (Mental) Health

The video below shows the president strangely raising a glass and then descending a ladder with instability. This is how hashtags like #TrumpIsNotWell and #TrumpIsUnwell became trending topics on twitter during the weekend.

In addition, netizens are releasing videos of former President Barack Obama and possible Trump electoral rival Joe Biden running and exercising and joking that the United States needs a president who can drink a glass of water.

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US citizens have already demanded transparency about the president’s state of health, as doubts have existed since his doctor, Harold Bornstein, revealed in 2018 that Trump himself dictated his health report in 2015.

Some tweets within the #TrumpIsNotWell hashtag even presented evidence of Donald Trump’s standing posture as a sign of “frontotemporal dementia”, raising questions about the mental fitness of the president, specially because of his erratic and worse than usual rhetoric during the US Covid-19 catastrophe and during the George Floyd Uprising.

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According to some analysts, Trump’s lack of leadership and inflammatory rhetoric cause many in the US to again question Donald Trumps sanity, looking for a constitutional exit to his presidency by declaring him mentally unfit to serve as US president.

Trump himself had to come out on Twitter, arguing that the ramp at West Point he descended was too slippery. Netizen’s comments on this tweet speak for themselves.

Featured image: Donal Trump having a hard time drinking a cup of water during a West Point ceremony sparking questions about his health conditions.

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