US SOUTHCOM Insists on Meddling with Venezuela: Craig Faller’s Comments

President Nicolás Maduro remains in power because he has the support of Russia, Cuba, China and Iran, said the admiral of the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Craig Faller, on Tuesday, March 16.

The military official offered the statements during a presentation before the Armed Services Committee of the US Senate. In his opinion, the Venezuelan president remains in office despite “the economy having plummeted,” revealing his blatant lack of knowledge of what the Bolivarian Revolution means, and of the civic-military union and the strength of Chavismo, the real weapons that sustain the Chavista project, and President Maduro with it.

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The outgoing SOUTHCOM commander stressed that the Department of Defense observes how the influence of Moscow has been transformed, in its opinion, into an intimidation for South America. In reality it is the United States government, seconded by its regional lackeys, that are the ones bullying Venezuela.

In this regard, he explained: “Russia is actively participating in this region to counter what it considers to be US meddling abroad. Expanding air and maritime access to project military power, it has agreements with Venezuela and Nicaragua that allow the visit of Russian warships on short notice.”

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For his part, Secretary of State Antony Blinken agreed with the admiral’s position and also expressed concern about the supposed predominance of the Eurasian nation in Venezuela.

“I share that concern,” Blinken said in the middle of a hearing by the House Foreign Affairs Committee after being asked about Russia’s presence in the region.

He added: “We see that in Venezuela. We have seen a resurgence of Russian presence and activity in Cuba in recent years, and we are very attentive to that in all areas.”


Featured image: Brazil’s far-right President, Jair Bolsonaro, visiting the SOUTHCOM headquarters in Florida a few days after the visit of his Colombian counterpart. File photo.

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