Venezuela Continues Clearing Landmines in Apure

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) continue to be deployed in Apure state, and this Sunday, May 23, they continued the task of deactivating anti-personnel mines planted in the area by Colombian paramilitary groups seeking to take control of the border region, reported Telesur journalist Madelein García.

García posted a video on Twitter showing the special equipment used by Venezuelan soldiers who continue to clear mines from this area, formerly under the control of Colombian narco terrorists.

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“The #FANB is still clearing landmines planted by paramilitary #Colombian groups in #Apure, where an operation continues to expel the groups from the country. They exported their terrorism to #Venezuela in an escalation of aggression. Here we show it.”

These homemade mines are part of the arsenal used by these paramilitary groups to sow terror among the local population and to prevent the action of Venezuela’s security forces, a method categorized as “inhumane” [and prohibited by the United Nations since 1997] due to its indiscriminate targeting of victims, that include defenseless civilians.

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“Let’s see once again how the #FANB deactivates the antipersonnel mines that cause terror in #Apure, that between January and March 2021 alone left 104 victims in #Colombia, caused by terrorist groups that entered Venezuela, exporting their war, and fighting the FANB,” wrote Madelein Garcia on Twitter.


Featured image: FANB soldiers in Apure. File photo.

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