Venezuela Pursues Investigation into Death of 4 Yanomamis in Amazonas

Venezuela’s Public Ministry (MP) advanced in its investigation to determine the facts and punish those responsible for the death of four Yanomami indigenous people in the state of Amazonas.

On March 20, four indigenous people of the Yanomami ethnic group died, and another one was injured, in a confrontation with Venezuelan aviation soldiers after—as confirmed by the governor of Amazonas, Miguel Rodríguez—the military personel refused to share internet access and a confrontation ensued.

“There was a confrontation between Yanomami brothers and colleagues from the aviation component stationed in Parima B, after the internet was not shared with them, generating a situation of confrontation, which resulted in four deaths and five injuries,” the governor wrote on his Facebook account. “The investigations of the case are already underway.” Less than 24 hours later, the Public Ministry announced the opening of a criminal investigation.

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This Tuesday, Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab reported through his Twitter account that the designated prosecutors, together with the Public Ministry, are carrying out multiple joint proceedings with the Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigation Service Corps (CICPC) to clarify the facts.

“The MP and the designated prosecutors have carried out multiple proceedings alongside the CICPC to clarify and punish (those responsible for) the unfortunate events in which four Yanomami indigenous people died,” Saab wrote.

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He explained that Prosecutor’s Office #91 with jurisdiction over Indigenous affairs is coordinating the process from the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the Prosecutor’s Offices #4 for human rights, and #5 for child and adolescent victims.

According to the local press, the event occurred on March 20 at 4 p.m. local time. The victims were identified as 21-year-old Isnardo Borges, 22-year-old Cariban González, 30-year-old Jhonatan Silva, and 45-year-old Martina González. A 16-year-old boy was also injured and was taken to the state capital, Puerto Ayacucho, to receive medical attention.


Featured image: Aerial view of a Yanomami community in the Venezuelan Amazonas. Photo: AP/Ariana Cubillos.

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