Venezuela Rejects Interventionist Statements by US Vice President Mike Pence (+Iran)

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejected on Thursday the interventionist statements made by US vice president, Mike Pence, against the relations maintained by the South American nation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Venezuela repudiates the untidy statements of Mr. Mike Pence @VP; Mr. Pence has entered the crazy hour and distills his hatred against our Homeland! The only threat to our region and to the world is the military and supremacist dictatorship of his government that despises humanity,” wrote Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, on her Twitter account.

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Earlier, the US vice president said that an alleged trip by Iran’s foreign minister, Mohamed Yavad Zarif, to Venezuela is aimed at destabilizing tactics with the support of the South American country.

“Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif’s trip to Venezuela reminds us that Iran’s destabilizing activities go far beyond the Middle East,” Pence wrote on the digital network.

In this sense, Rodriguez pointed out that in the US there is a government that is focused on violating the political rights of its inhabitants, which is why it is a form of “dictatorship of capital” that will put “US destinies” at risk.

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“The American political system stifles the political rights of its citizens! The dictatorship of military, financial and media industrial capital painfully governs the destiny of the US. Venezuela will follow its victorious course and the wild words of @VP will continue in the mud!” wrote the Executive Vice President in another message.

In recent years, Venezuela has become the target of the US, which has imposed an economic, financial and commercial blockade against the country that has generated millions in losses.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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