Venezuela Reopens 5 Destinations for Local and International Flights (Los Roques)

Through the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC), the Government of Venezuela announced the reopening of commercial operations in the Venezuelan airline industry, with a total of five destinations for travel—four for international flights and one for local flights.

Through a statement released on Twitter, INAC reported that commercial operations to and from Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Iran are reactivated.

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Similarly, INAC indicated that flights from Caracas to El Gran Roque Aerodrome (Los Roques), one of the destinations most visited by foreign tourists, are resuming.

The statement adds that the rest of the restrictions remain active and will last until December 2.

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“Operations in a state of emergency, cargo and mail flights, technical landings, humanitarian flights, repatriation flights, or flights authorized by the UN, in addition to cargo and commercial overflights, are exempt,” INAC stressed.

As a preventive measure against the pandemic, passengers must comply with a quarantine under strict supervision of the Venezuelan health authorities, and must undergo applicable medical evaluations.

“Exempted flights require pre-authorization from the Venezuelan Aeronautical Authority, health and migration authorities,” the statement added.



Featured image: Los Roques is one of the most popular tourist spots in Venezuela. File photo.

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