Venezuelan Government Delivers House Number 3.9 Million Despite the Blockade

On Thursday, December 30, the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, delivered in the Nueva Barinas II Housing Complex, in the Barinas municipality, Rómulo Betancourt parish, Barinas state, the milestone of 3.9 million homes delivered by the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV).

“Today we deliver the 3,900,000 house here, a gift to Chávez,” said the president.

In Aragua state, President Maduro pointed out that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to affect the world, and despite the imposition of unilateral coercive measures by the United States government and authorities, the Venezuelan government has ratified its commitment to continue to provide dignified housing to Venezuelan families.

Goal of 5 million homes
President Maduro declared the goal of building 5 million homes in honor of the bicentennial of the liberating feat of the Battle of Carabobo.

“This Great Mission has allowed the construction of urban planning with a social and inclusive character, promoting the construction of socialist cities that adapt to the cultural reality of the population,” said the president. “The GMVV will continue in its consistent way to reach its new goal of 5 million of homes within the Plan of the Homeland 2019-2025.”

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“We have set the goal of 5 million homes by 2024, I believe there will be even more,” he reiterated.

To this end, the president approved the Plan for the Great Venezuela Housing Mission 2022, with the objective of fulfilling the goal of delivering 5 million homes by 2024. For this, he approved over 2.5 billion bolívars for the first phase of housing construction in 2022.

Maduro also approved the annual plan to achieve the goal of the construction and delivery of 500,000 decent homes to the Venezuelan people in 2022.

“Venezuela has what it takes to continue building houses, and we are going to build them,” asserted the president.

For his part, the Minister of Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel, informed that 171,020 homes, equivalent to 34% of the goal for 2022, are in an advanced phase of construction, while 328,000 homes are already planned in their locations as part of the start of new projects.

Likewise, Villarroel announced that by 2022 there will be implementation of strategies such as the acquisition of secondary market housing, alliances with the private sector, sources of financing such as the Petro and the stock market, agreement with institutions that generate economic resources to serve civil servants and the public, as well as the strengthening of self-construction and co-management of popular power.

“Obtaining the resources allocated to the GMVV is a task for the peace of the people, for which we will continue ensuring that the GMVV maintains its highest level of work,” said the minister.

In another vein, President Maduro compared the efforts of a country like Venezuela to provide decent and dignified housing to what happens in the United States where “thirty million people live on the streets” for not having their own home.

In this context, the president ordered all missions and major missions to be refined and to guarantee the people the right to housing, public education and public health.

The president stressed that in Venezuela the right to housing has been de-commodified. “We have managed to de-commodify housing, we have made it a human right,” he highlighted.

“We must take care of the homeland beyond the difficulties that may exist, we must take care of the rights that have been won and constructed. In 2021 we commemorated the first ten years of GMVV,” he stated.

He explained that this has happened through the optimization in the arrangement of materials: the cement, the bars, the land, the blocks, all the equipment, sinks, toilet, doors, windows, ceilings—a tremendous logistical effort “to guarantee the construction of 500,000 homes.”

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Before the event of delivery of the homes, the president had written in his Twitter account that his administration will continue to work tirelessly for the happiness of the people of Venezuela. “The Great Venezuela Housing Mission continues to guarantee decent homes to millions of families in the country,” he posted. “We work tirelessly for the supreme social happiness. As Commander Chávez put it: “To live by living!”

Housing Minister Ildemaro Villarroel also posted a tweet, revealing that GMVV has reached the milestone of 3.9 million homes.

“Today the GMVV says goodbye to the year 2021 with a historic event: the 3.9 million homes milestone, demonstrating that for the Bolivarian government the priority is the welfare of the people, promoting the construction of houses,” Minister Villarroel wrote in his post.

In another tweet, Villarroel pointed out that the GMVV has set a precedent in the world, “because despite the pandemic and the imperial siege, we achieved the housing goal for 2021, and thanks to the leadership of President Nicolás Maduro, the Petro real estate, and self-construction, we unveil the 3.9 million milestone.”



Featured image: President Maduro at the event of delivering the 3.9 millionth home in the Great Venezuela Housing Mission. Photo: Últimas Noticias

(Últimas Noticias)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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