Washington Gives Guaidó Green Light to Continue Stealing Venezuela’s Assets

WASHINGTON (Sputnik)— The US Treasury Department announced that they will authorize transactions by the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó and those whom he has designated as his representatives.

The US Treasury Department issued a license allowing transactions by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, despite US sanctions against Venezuela, and reaffirmed Washington’s support for Guaidó as the legitimate “president’ of the Caribbean country.

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“On January 4, 2021, OFAC [Office of Foreign Assets Control] issued General License 31A, authorizing transactions and activities that include the current self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, the National Assembly of Venezuela installed on January 5, 2016… and its delegated commissions, including its members and staff, which would otherwise be prohibited under Executive Order 13884,” the text states.

Executive Order 13884, of August 5, 2019, blocks all assets, and any interest on those assets, belonging to the Government of Venezuela.

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In addition, General License 31A authorizes transactions and activities that involve “any official, designee, or representative specially appointed by Guaidó to act on behalf of the Government of Venezuela.”

During the administration of Donald Trump, the US Government tightened illegal sanctions against Venezuela , and in the last year placed the assets of the Caribbean nation in charge of Guaidó, despite the fact that the deputy proclaimed himself as interim president in a plaza in Caracas, and despire the fact that Maduro exercises the executive functions of the country.


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