745 New Covid-19 Cases and 7 Deaths Reported in Venezuela on Wednesday – One of the Lowest Death Rate in Latin America (Analysis)

This Wednesday Freddy Ñáñez, Venezuelan new Minister for Communication, announced the virus statistics through his social networks, reporting that in 24 hours 759 Venezuelans were infected, out of which 745 are community infections and 14 are international -13 from Colombia (entered through Apure) and 1 from Brazil, 8 men and 6 women, including six minors-.

Currently throughout the national territory there are 65,225 recovered patients, 9,269 active cases,

Regarding the states with the highest number of new cases, the state of Zulia surpassed entities such as Miranda, Capital District and Aragua, which are casually the firsts in the 24-hour list. This time Zulia counted 145 cases followed by: Capital District 102 , Yaracuy 101 , Lara 84 , Miranda 63 , Aragua 61 , La Guaira 52 , Táchira 38 , Sucre and Anzoátegui 25 , Cojedes 20 , Carabobo 18 , Mérida 17 , Apure 11 , Bolívar and Nueva Esparta 10 , Falcón 3and Monagas 1. 409 of them are men, 336 women and 42 minors.

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On the people who lost their lives in the last 24 hours it was known that there are seven: 3 Men of 69, 81 and 89 years old in Apure state , 1 Woman of 55 and 1 man of 78 years in Aragua, 1 Man of 57 years in the Capital District and a 71- year-old man in Miranda.

The pandemic was decreed in Venezuela on March 13 this year, in that sense 199 days and 29 weeks have elapsed.

Venezuela is surrounded by countries where covid-19 has had catastrophic results like Brazil and Colombia and besides Venezuelan receiving during the pandemic an influx of more that 80 thousand migrants (officially) returning from those countries, Venezuela shows one of the lowest death rate in the world, due to a good and responsible handling of the pandemic by Venezuelan authorities.

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Venezuela is currently in third place in Latin America in the number of deaths per million inhabitants with 22, just after Uruguay (14) and Cuba (11), according to the statistical service worldometers.info, while Peru (981), Bolivia (683), Brazil (680), Chile (669) and Ecuador (646) are among the worst ranked at this key indicator in Latin America and also in the world. The United States is among the worst ranked in the world with 642 deaths per million inhabitants.

With respect to the number of infections by million inhabitants Venezuela is in fourth place with one of the lowest figures in Latin America (2.644), just after Nicaragua (778), Uruguay (593) and Cuba(501). But this indicator needs to be contrasted with the number of screening test per million inhabitants, there Venezuela is ranked in seventh place with 68,560 tests per million inhabitants, following mostly hard hit countries like Uruguay (68,717), Colombia (74,017), Brazil (84,061), Panama (112,669), Peru (117,641) and Chile (171,171).

Many right wing media outlets point at an alleged under-counting of cases in Venezuela but the reality points actually towards countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil when talking about that issue or morgues, hospital and cemeteries collapsed. All this happens under terrible US sanctions and economic blockade and under threat of a US military assault.


Featured image: Venezuelans leaving public hospital after defeating Covid-19. Photo by EFE | Rayner Peña



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