Alfredo: Dear son! (PDVSA Manager Case)

By Alfredo Antonio Chirinos – March 04, 2020*

There you are in that darkness, but I know that your dreams are giving hope in the streets of your people. You were born with the fighter’s hope, taking the example of many old fighters, that’s why I know who you are: a dreamer hoping to change the world, as you have written on the walls of your room – hold on son! May your dreams go through those dark walls to tell the world who you are! In the street your old bicycle awaits you for your daily exercises with your Dulcinea (Aryenis)!

In your soul you carry the teachings of old revolutionary fighters of impeccable behavior and morals like yours, because from there you came, trained with socialist ethics.

On your back you carry the pack of many combatants and young people killed by the enemies of our people, the backpack of Bolivar and Chavez and now I remember that when you were just a 15-year-old boy you did not hesitate to put on that pack, to ask for the rescue of Comandante Chávez, in those dark moments when the claw of the Yankee Empire tried to take the Commander away, kidnapping him to kill him!

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You have had the historical responsibility of not leaving it on the road, so that is why I am sure that you are not a traitor to the Fatherland and much less, a terrorist.

You formed yourself with the readings of that heroic book “How the Steel Was Tempered”, “Reportage by a Man With a Noose Around His Neck” and many other writings and historical documents that condense the struggles of the peoples for their liberation and socialism.

You know that Chávez told us: “No one gives up here” and we know that you would never give up and you will always be next to the struggles of our country, your mind will not stay in those four walls where you are, for now.

On several occasions I went through what you are now living, because of the political persecution of the governments of those times of the Fourth Republic and I always came out triumphant just as you will do with your partner Aryenis.

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This pain that we carry with us, I know it will pass when we see your face again traveling the streets of the Bolivarian homeland, so that you continue giving us your valuable contribution in the construction of Bolivarian Socialism.

My strength and that of your mother, despite our advanced age and the many tears that have come from our eyes which saw you born and grow, remain firm in the hope of seeing you free! I’m still resisting with my old dreams and yours.

Che Guevara told us: “What fault do I have for having a heart on the left and red blood?”





*Father of Alfredo Chirinos Azuaje, PDVSA manager incarcerated last Friday for allegedly leak sensitive information to the US government.

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