Amb. Moncada: “AP Want to Convince US That 300 Mercenaries Were Training in Colombia to Kill President Maduro Without US and Colombian Support”

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, considered the version of a US mercenary responsible for a failed attack against the President of Venezuela , Nicolás Maduro, as a tropical novel to protect the responsibility of the United States and Colombia in the terrorist plot uncovered last March.

In a series of tweets, Moncada rejects AP’s Joshua Goodman’s argument that the operation was an individual act of a tropical adventurer, a fool adventurist who deceived mercenaries without the support of Presidents Donald Trump and Iván Duque . “A cheap novel to run from reality,” he added.

The diplomat recalled that now they want to convince us that 300 mercenaries were trained in Colombia without the support of Duque or Trump. “Now, in this version, they (the US and Colombia) save us from the disaster prepared by some ‘Rambos'”, he joked.

“This is how the propaganda bodies create the” alternative reality that serves their interests!” said Moncada.

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The version of the US news agency AP blames a former US soldier, green beret, Special Operations expert, for organizing a group of 300 mercenaries to carry out a conspiracy in Venezuela to destabilize President Maduro’s government allegedly without the intervention of the United States and Colombia.

Last March, Venezuela denounced a coordinated plan from Colombia to attack high-ranking government officials in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which included an attack on President Nicolás Maduro, the president of the National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, as well as vice presidents and ministers.

The Venezuelan diplomat emphasized the relationship that the United States government has had with mercenary armies through history.

Moncada noted that Washington has used mercenaries for decades to wage clandestine war against countries it wants to conquer and “evade their legal responsibility in military attacks because they cannot be directly accused in international bodies.”

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“The mercenary invasion organized by Trump and his narco-sicario [narco hitman] allies has never been a secret. In May 2019, we denounced it at the UN Security Council. It is a crime organized by professionals with years of experience,” he said.

“In September 2019, the vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, also denounced the mercenary camps in Colombia at the UN with operational support from the United States. and its narco-sicario ally. “They already had more than six months of training and increased the recruitment of murderers,” he said.

The ambassador recalled that in April 2020, “in the UN Security Council, we denounced covert military operations by Trump and his allies against the Venezuelan people. The public confession of the mercenary leader, Cliver Alcala, is irrefutable proof of the support of the aggressor governments.”

“In March 2020, the Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced details of the operation: bosses, weapons, attack plans, etc.,” he said.

‘The expedited, US led “deportation” operation of Cliver Alcala is solid evidence of the US and Colombian involvement in the plot. Less that 48 hours after the plot was uncovered, the US put him on a bounty list, sent a plane to Colombia in the middle of Covid-19 flight restrictions and took him back to his master’s headquarters without even using handcuffs to deflect public notice,” said Orinoco Tribune’s editor, Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza when consulted on this issue.

“In the video below you can see in a clear blue ling sleeve shirt, how the mercenary Cliver Alcala boards the special flight that President Trump sent to rescue him. It resembles more a family gathering than a deportation procedure,” he added.

Featured image: FILE – Moment when Venezuelan mercenary Cliver Alcala -inside the red circle) boards an special plane sent by Washington regime. Courtesy infobae.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF



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