Ambassador Moncada: ‘US Intends to Sabotage 6D Parliamentary Elections with Warmongering News’

News fabricated against Venezuela is the desperate weapon that will be used by outgoing US President Donald Trump to try to stop and sabotage the popular vote on December 6, said the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Samuel Moncada through his Twitter account.

“Once again the North American conspiracies use warmongering propaganda to attack the country,” said Moncada in one of his posts, sharing a headline from mainstream media that proclaimed “Iranian weapons and combatants reinforce the Maduro government in Venezuela, affirms the US,” information engineered to cause destabilization and discontent.

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Similarly, the diplomat questioned the lack of evidence with which the Chief of the Southern Command accused Venezuela of receiving weapons from Iran. This information was presented to the world as news that represents a threat to the security of the United States.

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“Desperate Trump uses warmongering propaganda to curb the popular vote during the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for December 6. His ‘maximum pressure’ campaign resorts to worn out forgeries to impede legitimate trade between Iran and Venezuela. It’s a war against truth and democracy!” Moncada posted on Twitter.


Featured image: Ambassador Samuel Moncada in the United Nations. File photo courtesy of RT.

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