Capriles Says the Opposition is Destroyed and Asks for a Game Changer

Henrique Capriles Radonski complained about the current opposition leadership, whom he accused of “laying lies on the people” and of having placed the Venezuelan opposition in its worst position in the last 20 years.

In a statement through his social networks, made last Thursday, the twice defeated presidential candidate asked the opposition leadership to “move the board” and putc”their feet on the ground” to face the electoral panorama of the coming December 6 [elections].

“Are we going to continue with the peroration of the legitimate government, the government in charge, the ambassador in I don’t know where? Please!” he blurted out, while clearly referring to Juan Guaidó. He pointed out, “You had a plan and failed, are we going to continue in that failure? That’s over.”

“The opposition has never been in a situation of such inertia and with great contradiction. Why keep laying lies on the people? Are we going to continue exercising government where, on the Internet? Let’s be serious,” he said.

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