Colombia’s Iván Duque Launches Another False Flag Operation Against Venezuela

Venezuelan Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, issued a forceful response to new accusations from the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, who recently launched a new false positive against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Calling out Duque’s manipulation and conspiratorial plans, Padrino López denounced the Colombian president’s pronouncement as a “tormented attempt” to torpedo the Venezuelan government-opposition dialogue that is being held in the Mexico.

In recent days, violent attacks against military and police authorities have plagued Colombia. Without providing any evidence, Colombian authorities have pointed to Venezuela as being the place where these alleged FARC and ELN attacks were planned.

“The signing of the agreement between the opposition and the government to face together the Essequibo issue is a strength that puts away their claims to violate our sovereignty,” said General-in-Chief Padrino López. “In any case, we are waiting for you here to welcome you.”

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Minister Padrino López also lamented the loss of lives of Colombian soldiers, whom he considered victims of the “genocidal and treacherous” policy of the oligarchy that governs the Colombian nation. He added that, from Venezuela, patriotic forces send prayers for peace in the neighboring country.

Repudiation of false positives
For his part, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister, Félix Plasencia, repudiated the claim of the government of Colombia, a country in which more than 10 million people remain internally displaced by a civil war that has been going on for over 60 years by now. He denounced the Colombian government for trying to use Venezuela to divert attention from the situation in Colombia, calling the government’s action irresponsible and full of cynicism.

“In Colombia they planned the assassinations against Presidents Maduro and Moïse,” stated Minister Plasencia. “From Colombia, the people of La Victoria were attacked in Apure, and in Colombia mercenaries were trained for the Gideon operation. The Colombian State is responsible for a 60-year war that it wants to export to the continent.”

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The head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Venezuela was emphatic in stating that Colombia is the cradle of violence that threatens even its own people, for which he repudiated “the calumnies and baseless accusations of Iván Duque .”

In this regard, Venezuelan Minister for Information, Freddy Ñáñez, also reacted to Duque’s statement, in which the Colombian president had claimed that the recent attack against a platoon of the Colombian army was forged in Venezuelan territory.

“Incriminating Venezuela: Another Old False Positive,” wrote Ñáñez in a tweet in response to Duque. “The world knows that it was you who denied peace to the Colombian people, that the mafia that governs Colombia only works with one aim: export the war and expand drug trafficking networks throughout the continent.”


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