Cuban Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez Denounces Media Blackout on Cuba’s Contributions in the Fight Against Covid-19

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, today denounced the silence of the international media about the contributions of his country’s scientists to the fight against Covid-19.

In his Twitter account, the Chancellor stressed that, even when the island’s men and women of science “share their progress with the world, show protocols against the pandemic and the results of their own vaccine candidate,” little media coverage reflects those achievements, he said to Prensa Latina.

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“The Cuba agenda is partial,” added the head of the Caribbean nation’s diplomacy, and he also pointed out that ignoring or censoring Cuban successes is part of the media blockade that is being imposed on the island.

The largest of the Antilles, in this period of confrontation with the pandemic, created a pulmonary ventilator, incorporated drugs such as Jusvinza (CIGB 258) and Itolizumab to therapeutic protocols for Covid-19 patients, with good results, and also has a vaccine candidate in clinical trials, named Sovereign 01.

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The latter achievement, however, was tempered by the closure of the Google accounts of the Tv show “La Mesa Redonda” and the Cubavisión Internacional channel, including their profiles on YouTube, where the explanations of the scientists would be posted.

Recently, directors of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, the center developing Soberana 01, presented the progress of this proposal to the World and Pan-American Health Organization (WHO / PAHO).

Cuban specialists have also shared their knowledge and results, via videoconference, with health personnel from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Oceania.

The day before, President Miguel Díaz-Canel held a meeting with experts and scientists involved in confronting the pandemic, which he classified as useful and essential for decision-making.

According to the website of the Cuban Presidency, this is the president’s 23rd exchange with the specialists, in which the treatment protocols, the creation of their own diagnostic equipment and materials, as well as the prognoses in the evolution of the disease have been evaluated.

Featured image: file photo, courtesy of Directorio Cubano.

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