CVG Ferrominera Workers Refurbish Locomotives with National Labor and Technology

With the coordination between the workers organized in the Workers’ Productive Councils (CPTT) and the retired personnel of the Railroad Management, Venezuelan state company CVG Ferrominera is advancing in its Locomotive Recovery Plan to increase the production and transport of ferrous ore. Locomotive number 1045 has been the first to be put back into operation, the state company reported on its Twitter account @Ferrominera_CVG

With the arrival of spare parts, the 1045 locomotive was the first to receive the components for reincorporation into the ore transport fleet. Progressively other locomotives, eleven (11) SD-38 and ten (10) SD-70 are scheduled to be ready by the month of November this year.

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Among the technical jobs carried out by the Ferrominera workers are the repair and installation of the diesel engine and main generator of the locomotive, as well as the adjustment and assembly of six traction motors, the brake air system, air conditioning and the control system with modules.

Aimed at the New Socialist Management Model under the guidelines of the Bolivarian government, the Ministry of Industries and National Production, in coordination with the CVG and the management of the president of FMO, Abel Jiménez, work is being done on the recovery of the industrial park amid the criminal US and European blockade.


Featured image: Locomotive 1045. Photo: CVG Ferrominera / Zona Obrera Press.

(Alba Ciudad)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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