Did the White House Turn Its Back on Guaidó? – Juan Gonzalez’s Comments (Director of Hemispheric Affairs)

This Wednesday, March 10, White House Director for Hemispheric Affairs, Juan González, stressed that the Biden administration is not focused on “an individual,” but rather on carrying out an electoral process in Venezuela, perhaps in the framework of its twisted understanding of democracy, or in its misguided belief that it is the Venezuelan electoral authority.

Likewise, González, in charge of supervising US policy towards Latin America, stated that both Guaidó and President Nicolás Maduro “are bad in the polls,” during an online interview with US-funded news agency Voice of America.

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“Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó are bad in the polls and my reading is that Venezuelans are fed up with the current situation and want a solution, and for democracy to be restored,” González declared in the interview.

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An international affairs expert told Orinoco Tribune the following: “In this analysis from the hill, equating Venezuela’s democratically elected President, Nicolas Maduro, with a low-profile CIA puppet like Juan Guaidó, whose only real support has been from the White House, the US bureaucrat of Colombian origin thinks the United States can make decisions about Venezuelan politics.”

“The White House seem to be realizing how unviable the Guaidó project is, but in their escape strategy they attempt to place on the same level individuals who are not at all on the same level,” the international affairs analyst added. “More than six million Venezuelans voted for President Maduro, but only about 98,000 voted for Guaidó in 2015, for a term now expired.”


Featured image: Juan Gonzáles, White House Director of Hemispheric Affairs. Photo courtesy of Voice of America.

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