From India: Trump Again Threatens to Impose New Sanctions on Venezuela (2nd Threat This Week)

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, threatened again this Tuesday to impose new sanctions against Venezuela and said he closely monitors the current situation of the South American nation. This is the second threat of this kind from the US regime in less than a week.

“We are watching Venezuela very closely, we don’t like what is happening at all. There could be very serious sanctions,” Trump warned, during a press conference in India reviewed by RT.

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“Experts were anticipating a joint statement from India’s prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Donald Trump announcing a cut in India’s imports of Venezuelan oil, so this unilateral announcement can be seen as a victory for sovereignty, not only Venezuelan but also, Indian'” a diplomatic source said to OT.

On February 15, Venezuelan Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced the US economic and financial blockade against Venezuela, for causing financial damage of more than 116 billion dollars to the South American nation.

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As a response to this robbery of the Venezuelans, the Bolivarian government introduced on Thursday, February 14, a lawsuit in the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the US government, for the lethal efects of US illegal coercive measures that undermine the stability of the Venezuelan people.

Source URL: Ultimas Noticias with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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