Hard Anti-Chavista María Corina Machado Loses it: Called Opposition Deputies Corrupt Thieves (Video)

After analyzing the show between opposition groups in parliament for the last several days, María Corina Machado released all her hatred in a message published on social networks, calling opposition deputies corrupt thieves.

In the video Machado, besides launching her usual attacks against Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution, says that “at this point it is hard to identify who is corrupt and who is decent”.

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Implying that the entire problem is connected to money, she mentioned the money they stole in the National Assembly (AN), “there are too many people making a lot of money and that is why we have not been able to take them (Chavismo) out of power,” she added, while noting that the AN was always infiltrated by Chavismo and corruption.

In a new call for US intervention, Machado remarked that this is not an issue of legality or who controls the AN. In a philosophical twist she added that the legitimacy of the right wingers to get rid of the Bolivarian Revolution is based on “natural law” and the “their inalienable right to freedom.”

She ended the video clip saying: “a corrupt person will never fight corruption, an infiltrated person will sell us to the enemy.”

The reaction of opposition forces was immediate:

  • Deputy Elimar Diaz wrote on her twitter account: “We can not lose the AN…it’s time for unity”

  • Rafaela Requesens, sister of Juan Requesens, the deputy in detention accused of planning the assassination attempt with drones against President Maduro in 2018, wrote in a tweet: “we refuse to hand over the AN…”

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  • Beatriz Becerra, former extreme right Euro-deputy from Spain, posted in her twitter account: “I don’t yet understand your message dear @MariaCorinaYA, if we lose the AN, nothing will happen?…”

Anti-chavismo frictions and divisions, especially because of money, created the conditions for Guaido not to be elected for a second year as AN Speaker. And after those events, Venezuelans are witnessing the disintegration of what is left of the opposition.


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