Guaidó: “Norway Talks Terminated” (+New Speaker Parra Appointing New Personnel)

The deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Juan Guaidó, announced that he was notified of a prompt visit (in the next few hours) of a delegation from the Kingdom of Norway to the country. Even so, he indicated that the opposition will not attend the meeting since “the Oslo-Barbados process has been terminated.”

The opposition deputy posted a formal letter in a twitter account:

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Guaidó said through the statement that “Nicolás Maduro has prevented any negotiated solution to the Venezuelan crisis”, after the events that occurred last Tuesday within Parliament, disregarding that the events in the National Assembly are a result of frictions within the opposition forces.
He thanked the government of the Kingdom of Norway for its concern about the Venezuelan situation and its support to the AN. As an anecdotal note, the letter relaying his decision was signed as from the “Legitimate Government of Venezuela”.

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Luis Parra relieves the executive staff of their positions in the National Assembly

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, January 9, the new AN’s speaker, deputy Luis Parra, sworn president of the Parliament, sent an internal memo announcing the dissmisal of general directors, directors, coordinators and division heads who perform functions in The National Assembly.

In the memorandum, he stated that because those are “positions of free appointment and removal,” these people were “relieved” of their jobs, from this Thursday, January 9 of the current year. The memo also indicated that he bases his decision on the powers given to him by the Internal and Debate Regulations and the Public Service Statute.

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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