Guaido Calls for Street Actions on Thursday and Friday: His Followers React on Twitter

Believing that he was rocking it, perhaps because on Tuesday in the vicinity of the National Assembly he taunted, manhandled and insulted some national guardsmen and nothing happened to him, deputy Juan Guaidó once again used his social networks to summon his followers to street demonstrations this weekend and Tuesday asked them to march to the AN, but both Chavismo and anti-Chavismo mocked him.

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Some users pointed out that this new 2020 agenda was “the same BS” as last year and asked him that if 2019 had been the year of “vamos bien” (“we’re doing fine”, Guaido’s 2019 slogan), what would be the mantra for this year, some asked. Others told him that he had few people and a lot of nerve and there were those who asked him why he called Maduro’s presidency dictatorship, if so far Maduro had not touched a single hair on his head.

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In the networks, which were about to explode, they also talked about “nalgoterapias” (referring to Guaido early strategy of marching and show photos of his bare backside) to define the call made by the former president of the National Assembly. Finally there were those who asked him if this was the beginning of the “second season” and if he was going to continue with his show, using Venezuelan citizens as puppets.

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Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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