Hinterlaces: Chavismo Represents First Option to Win 21N Elections

Two months before the regional and municipal elections in Venezuela that will be held on November 21, 2021, opinion polls indicate that Chavismo represents the most likely option to win most governorships and mayorships in the country.

Oscar Schémel, president of the data analysis firm Hinterlaces, stated this in an interview, quoting the results of the most recent poll conducted by the firm in August.


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According to the data, 52% of Venezuelans have declared that “they will definitely vote.” This percentage, when correlated with surveys on recent electoral behavior, allows an average projected participation of 39%.

“This significant abstention number is concentrated amongst the self-defined independent and opponent socio-political population segments, who do not vote based on an abstentionist position but mainly because they consider that they do not have options or find the proposals appealing,” added Hinterlaces president.

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When it comes the opposition, 72% of those surveyed think that “there is no strong leader to represent it,” 83% say that it is “very divided,” and 93% think that “it requires new people to lead it.”

Regarding Chavismo’s projections, Schémel explained that 85% of the people consulted, who defined themselves as Chavistas, expressed their intention to vote on November 21; while 84% said that they sympathize with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

“The PSUV’s electoral strategy is aimed at summoning and mobilizing its base, because, facing an opposition without faces or messages or proposals, Chavismo becomes an electoral majority,” opined Schémel.



Featured image: According to Hinterlaces poll for August, 85% of the Chavistas expressed their decision to go to vote in the regional and municipal elections on November 21. File photo.

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Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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