Images from Today’s Blackout in Caracas

29/Mar/2019.- Today around 7:05 pm a new electric blackout has affected several parts of Caracas the day before the march called by the Bolivarian Revolution leadership, “Operation Defense of Freedom”.

At this moment we are not aware of details about the causes of this new sabotage event affecting the majority of Venezuelans but we wanted to share with our readers some photos of the streets of Caracas immediately after the blackout occurred.

With incidents like this the anti-imperialistic spirit rises to unimaginable levels because is more than evident that this is a sabotage/terrorist event promoted by the White House and their white supremacist leadership.

We are having problems uploading the images due to laptop batteries running out but immediately after we find a solution we will post the rest.



UPDATED: March 30, 1:59am

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