Internet Rage at Images of Greek Police Shooting Refugees and Turkish Forces Transporting Migrants to The Border

Videos and photos of the brutality of the Greek police against refugees in Lesbos ran through the net, showing the Greek police, on EU orders, and Greek fascists collaborating in the attack on those fleeing the war in Syria.

In the networks, the images of the Greek police went around the world, on the orders of the EU attacking four hundred refugees who today had arrived in Lesbos in precarious boats. Fascist gangs against the incoming refugees have also acted with impunity and violence. Even a UNHCR center on the island has been burned down. Journalists covering the arrival were threatened for the coverage of this fascist aggressions.

The repression has claimed the life of a Syrian immigrant who was trying to cross from Turkey to Greece, who has died after the injuries caused by the Greek security forces who intervened to prevent the passage of migrants gathered at the border.

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There are thousands of refugees who are overcrowded in fields of the Greek islands, in completely subhuman conditions. Meanwhile, the Greek conservative New Democracy government reinforces its anti-immigration policy with a reform of the law that has served to reject many more asylum claims than before, and while announcing mass deportations.

The way in which the EU “resolved” the immigration wave included an agreement with Erdogan to prevent refugees from passing through Turkish territory to reach EU territory. The EU paid 6,000 million euros for Turkey to keep the refugees that Europe does not want to admit. In addition, the Frontex fleet moved in the maritime zone that separates Turkey from Greece to prevent the exodus from reaching “civilized” Europe.

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Turkey launched on Sunday the “Operation Spring Shield” in Syria in response to advances of Syrian army reclaiming their territory, following the Al Assad government strategy of defeating terrorist groups controlling the area. It is feared that tensions will drag Russia and Turkey into larger military clashes. The battle for Idlib has become a turning point in the Syrian war and has displaced more than a million people.

So far the Syrian war has devastated entire cities, 13 million people were displaced and more than half a million have lost their lives. European racist policies have also claimed the lives of one in seven immigrants trying to cross by sea. And the European fortress, more and more fortified, continues to shield its borders based on racist laws at the service of capital.

But worst is the Turkish government forces transporting refugees from the Syrian border to the Greek border

Videos were also spread on social media showing Syrian refugees allegedly transported at gun point by Turkish authorities and being dropped at the Greek border.

Source URL: La Izquierda Diario

Translated by JRE/EF



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