López Obrador defends Nicolás Maduro during interview





“Our policy is a policy of respect for the governments and the peoples of the world,” said López Obrador in defense of the Government of Venezuela and Nicolás Maduro.


The elected president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), reiterated and supported the presence of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro at his inauguration ceremony on December 1.


During a televised interview, and after being consulted by the Mexican journalist Ciro Gómez about the animosity that the presence of President Maduro awakens in sectors of the right, López Obrador assured that the Venezuelan leader is welcome to Mexico. “(they are welcome) All the rulers, including Nicolás Maduro.”


“Our policy is a policy of respect for the governments and peoples of the world, a policy of friendship with the peoples and with all the governments of the world, a policy of neutrality, of self-determination of peoples, of non-intervention, of cooperation for development, that is our policy, “added AMLO.


However, Ciro Gómez insisted on his position and said that President Maduro is “a dictator who has beaten his society”, before that, the Mexican president responded : “That is a point of view …”, “That It has a lot of people, “said Gómez, finishing the sentence and interrupting it. To which Lopez Obrador added “Yes, it has a lot of people, but we, me, for my inauguration as president-elect and my constitutional investiture, I will not disqualify any foreign ruler.”


For his part, the future Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, who also takes office on December 1, said: “We invite all countries of the world and we do not exclude anyone.” Mexico has and will maintain a foreign policy of friendship and respect, then someone can have an opinion against a leader or a president, but Mexico can not judge about that. “


The ceremony, which will take place next Saturday, December 1, will be attended by 15 heads of state, in addition to dozens of ministers from other countries. Also, some well-known cultural managers, such as the Cuban troubadour Silvio Rodríguez. “Mexico is a very important country and it can not and should not say which country does come and which country does not come,” said Ebrard.