The black market Dollar misfortune of the Venezuelan economy

By José Rafael Alvarado Ávila


The booming Venezuela with great wealth, is being attacked by stateless oligarchs supported, by the North American empire, that is not new, we have 20 years resisting, unfortunately they managed to hit the target, attacking the economic interests of the Venezuelans, touching our pockets through manipulations of the foreign currency, and increases of prices in the products and services.  


This situation forces us to produce and generate wealth that allows us to be truly independent of transnational economic interests, as long as we do not produce, while we are not, truly self-sustainable, we will continue to depend on foreign economic interests, who only intend to seize the natural riches of our country.  


The solution of our economic problems is not only in the hands of the President of the Republic and his cabinet, the solution starts for each of those who live here, generate and develop productive proposals, some may say that’s an excellent idea, but that takes time, for sure, but if we do not start now, because we depend exclusively on the government to move the country forward, it is time to take a step forward and assume our responsibility, we can not continue to allow an internet portal [DollarToday], directed who knows by whom, to continue marking the value of our Bolivar with respect to the dollar, let us be truly independent, let us be truly patriotic.  I’m with the productive patriots, regardless of political ideology, because the opponent who is willing to invest in our country is a patriot that we can add to the revolutionary ranks.


Who is with me?

The black market Dollar misfortune of the Venezuelan economy
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