Mental Notes to Avoid Helping Fascism

In occasion of today’s demonstrations in Caracas.

By Jose Roberto Duque

Caracas, January 23, 2019.

  • There is no popular protest: it is the Guaidó circus trying to legitimize itself. Do not let them scam you with the ridiculousness of which the people went out to the street by hunger or because it fights for freedom.
  • High prices, impunity, corruption, faults in gas supply, water, etc? Yes, there is all of that. But in the street there is no vigilante group that comes to rescue anyone from anything: there is a group that wants to mount an idiotic puppet in Miraflores by orders of the United States: that is the only explanation of the candlesticks of yesterday, and of those who come.
  • An overflow of people against people violence only favors the fascists. Those who went out and went out to burn, to attack, to collect tolls and to provoke are delinquents; let the police bodies take charge of them. A repressive overflow also favors them, but already there as citizens we can not do much, just observe and inform.
  • The trigger for the invasion of Libya was fabricated, fake news: that the army and aviation bombed peaceful marches. Here they have already tried that type of moves: that if the “colectivo”, that if chemical weapons, that if tear gas bombs that explode and kill people, that if massacre of defenseless people. If we overreact when we go out to slap them we give them the excuse they need.
  • So everyone serene and calm, analyzing and spreading truths. Let them take charge of their cinematographic milestones.


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