New US Spy Aircraft Detected over Venezuelan Flight Zone

On Tuesday, the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI) announced that it had detected an American aircraft that crossed the Venezuelan flight zone without complying with international protocols, a situation that jeopardized the safety of the country’s air operations. This was reported by this military center through its Twitter account @CODAI_FANB .

This Monday, during the analytical assessment of the Sovereignty and Peace Military Exercises 2019 carried out from September 10 to 28, the Minister of Popular Power for Defense, G / J Vladimir Padrino López, highlighted the response of the Bolivarian Navy to the presence of more than 112 US airplanes, of which 58 violated Venezuelan airspace, transgressing the aeronautical standards of the Flight Information Region.

In a post on the social network, the Minister of Defense wrote : “Imperial arrogance, in its siege strategy, does not cease its eagerness to know all commercial activity, air and sea movement in our area of influence, putting at risk air operations in the Flight Information Region (FIR Maiquetía).”

The Venezuelan government has continuously denounced the violation of its airspace by US aircraft in the Maiquetía flight information region.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF

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