Outrage of South Koreans Over US Military “Party”

US military angered South Koreans for celebrating Independence Day on the streets of South Korea without respecting health protocols.

Police on Monday received more than 70 complaints from citizens of Busan (South Korea, South), who expressed concern about the wild and dangerous acts of US Armed Forces in South Korea (USFK) irresponsibly celebrating United States Independence Day.

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According to the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, these military personnel created riots on the famous Haeundae Beach in Busan, by launching fireworks, making too much noise, and throwing firecrackers at people and windows of buildings.

Likewise, citizens said that despite the outbreak of the new coronavirus, these soldiers did not respect health protocols and did not wear protective masks, nor did they kept social distancing protocols.

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In the face of multiple reports of public unrest by residents and tourists, the Busan Police sent 200 officers to the beach. Police reported that a US soldier was detained while trying to flee the beach after firing firecrackers at passersby.

South Korea — the country with the third-largest presence of US troops abroad after Japan and Germany — maintains US forces deployed on its territory to -allegedly- support a possible war with North Korea; a State that opposes the US military presence in the area and considers the joint military maneuvers between Washington and Seoul on the Korean peninsula a provocation.