Political Crisis in Brazil? Minister of Defense and Military High Command Resigns from Bolsonaro Cabinet

Not satisfied with the health crisis it is suffering, Brazil now suffers another: a political one. In just 24 hours, two government ministers resigned from President Jair Bolsonaro’s cabinet.

After Foreign Minister Enrique Araújo resigned, Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva followed. He left a letter in which he celebrated the mission accomplished of having maintained “the Armed Forces as state institutions.”

The former defense chief was a member of the administration of the right-wing president from the beginning. He said he had dedicated “total loyalty to him” for more than two years.

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According to the Brazilian press, Azevedo’s resignation was the official’s most elegant exit for not complying with the pressure of Bolsonaro, who allegedly would have asked him for his support to involve the military more in the politics of his government.

But the move to the side of the Minister of Defense has indicated signs of an internal crisis in the country. This Tuesday, the three commanders of the components of the Armed Forces also resigned simultaneously.

The local press highlighted that this is an unprecedented event since the restoration of democracy in 1985, and the first time since 1977 during the military dictatorship.

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The Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper wrote unequivocally: “For the first time in history, the three commanders of the Armed Forces present a joint resignation due to their disagreement with the President of the Republic.”

Changes in other ministries
With these two resignations within the Brazilian government, there is talk of “cabinet reform,” in which six ministers are being “renewed.”

In addition to the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, the former heads of the “Civil House,” the Attorney General, Justice and the Secretary of Government ministers were also “replaced.”

According to reports from international agencies, the new Brazilian foreign minister would be Carlos Alberto Franco Franca. Meanwhile the new Chief of Defense would be General Walter Souza Braga Netto.


Featured image: Many in Brazil and around the world believe Jair Bolsonaro wont be able to end his term. File photo.

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