President Maduro Confirms His Secret Meeting with CIA Envoy, Comments on Fake Ambassador Story

On Thursday, December 16, President Nicolás Maduro confirmed that he had received an envoy from the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in his office. This information should not have been made public, but it was disclosed by Washington’s fake ambassador to Venezuela, James Story, who currently holds office from Bogotá (Colombia).

“Every day I meet with two, three delegations from around the world… even from the CIA people come to see me and recently someone from the CIA came to see me. You guys knew, right?” Maduro stated this during a a working meeting in La Guaira state.

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Also, during a televised address, Maduro remarked, without mentioning the date of the meeting, “They [the US] were the ones who leaked the information. It was a secret meeting but they were the ones who mentioned the plane and then they leaked the news and then made the statements. They don’t keep their word. They say: ‘We are going to hold a secret meeting,’  and we do so and then they leak it.”

Maduro declined to give any further details about the conversation with the CIA envoy and did not specify which US official traveled to Caracas some days ago, but he asserted that the reason behind the leak was that Story “was not in charge of the delegation that arrived in Venezuela.”

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“James Story, as I have pointed out, is a mean guy, a bad guy who hates Venezuela,” Maduro concluded.

On December 8, reports were revealed about a plane linked to the CIA that landed at the Maiquetía International Airport. According to information released by CNW, a Twitter account specialized in military issues and world conflicts, the aircraft departed from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Featured image: President Nicolás Maduro during a televised working meeting in La Guaira state. Photo: Presidential Press

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