Extreme Right Journalist Nitu Pérez: Washington Keeps on Supporting Guaidó to Avoid Accepting It Was a Mistake

During an online chat with Daniel Lara Farías, a self-defined independent communicator, extreme right-wing journalist Nitu Pérez Osuna declared that the United States maintains its support for Guaidó so as not to accept that it was a mistake on their part to do so. The conversation between Lara Farías and Pérez Osuna was published in the latter’s Youtube Channel.

In the live-streamed conversation, Pérez Osuna stated that “in relation to this gentleman [Guaidó] in charge, the truth is that I stopped watching him a long time ago, because he has no charge, nor did he do what he was supposed to do. The truth is that he will go down in history as someone who could have done a lot and did nothing, I am telling you this so as not to say that he actually betrayed us. And, on the other hand, I maintain that the United States has this obsession to support this guy so as not to tell the whole world that it was a mistake to do so [on their part].”

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Pérez Osuna also added that there is a tendency among the people in the opposition to consider that they should support Guaidó, as the head of the “interim government,” because apparently it is a request from the United States.

“I support the help that the US, and other nations, can give us,” remarked Pérez Osuna, “but, one thing is for them to support us and another is for them to give us orders; and another thing is that they become a problem and do not understand that their position is then part of the Venezuelan problem.”

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For his part, Daniel Lara expressed concern about the “fake brothel conglomerate and that interim experiment,” since he considered that “these are part of the problem and not of the solution.”

Pérez insisted that, during conversations she has had with Venezuelans, they have tried to convince her about the importance of Guaidó continuing with the “interim government,” because people consider it is the only resource available for the opposition and because it is supported by the United States, to which Pérez retorts: “and I say that this is, rather, causing a problem for all of us.”


Featured image: Screenshot of the virtual chat between Nitu Pérez (left) and Daniel Lara Farías (right). Photo by RedRadioVE

(RedRadioVE) by Patricia Ferrer

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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