President Maduro: Covid-19 Outbreaks in Main Venezuelan Cities

“We are suffering a dangerous outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in most of the large cities in the country,” the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, warned during a work meeting in La Casona, Caracas. “The rebound in Covid-19 cases has been generated by the impact that the pandemic has had in Colombia and Brazil and the compatriots who have returned to the country, which number more than 70,000,” said the President.

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He pointed out that the disease has affected the center, west and south of the country, which is why measures have already been taken “so that all the sanitary checkpoints installed on the border work in optimal ways.”

Likewise, he said that in some cases the migratory controls established in the border areas have been violated by the so-called trocheros (irregular entries), which has led to the infection of families in various states of the country.

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He called on the people not to relax preventive measures in this regrowth phase. “We have to pay attention and cut that chain of infections,” he urged.

Quarantine tightening

President Maduro said that the people of Venezuela answered in an optimal way this Monday, June 22, the call for the radicalization of quarantine, voluntary and collective, decreed during this week.

Last Saturday the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, announced the establishment of special containment barriers in ten states of the country to limit people’s mobilizations and thus the spread of Covid-19. Among the measures were the closure of the Metro systems in the city of Caracas and the Valles del Tuy Railway.

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