Venezuela Reports 139 New Coronavirus Cases this Tuesday

Venezuela confirms on Tuesday 139 new positive cases for the Covid-19 for a total of 4,187 cases, President Nicolás Maduro reported. In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the Venezuelan head of state explained that 58 are cases of community transmission and 81 are imported cases.

In reference to the cases of community transmission, the Venezuelan President indicated that 18 are from El Vigía, Mérida state, as a result of a party that took place in this community, which infected several people. “It was all the product of a trochero (mojado) who came to the party,” said the President, referring to a person who returned from Colombia through irregular roads or “trails,” without passing through the border check points installed by the Venezuelan government, which carry out free tests and quarantine for 14 days.

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Vice President Delcy Rodríguez gave more details of the community cases:

  • In Mérida there were 25 cases today, of which 18 cases are due to the party in El Vigía. Similarly, in Lagunillas (also in Mérida) there are 4 cases in the same family, by a merchant who transports vegetables from Zulia state.
  • There were 7 cases in Lara state, three of them in Santa Rosa (Irribarren municipality) and 4 in Torres municipality (Lara-Zulia axis).
  • She reported 7 new cases in the Miranda state: 4 of them in Petare, 1 in Caucagüita and 2 in Chacao, one of them a doctor who works in a private clinic, who was infected by intra-family contact.
  • There were 8 cases in the Capital District: one of those cases in El Paraíso, one case in January 23rd, one case in Caricuao (there are already 6), three cases in Catia and two cases in El Recreo. She reported that, starting this Wednesday, a massive screening will begin with rapid tests, with the support of the mayor of the Libertador municipality and the government of the Capital District.
  • 2 cases were reported in Aragua, one of them in La Victoria and another (44-year-old man) captured in a consultation in a private clinic.
  • She noted two cases in La Guaira: one in Urimare and the other in Naiguatá.
  • In Trujillo there are two cases: one in Sabana de Mendoza, a 69-year-old woman in serious condition. In addition, a man in Flor de Patria, derived from the outbreak at the Flea market (Maracaibo).
  • In Monagas, a 14-year-old boy is reported.
  • In Anzoátegui, a 39-year-old man.
  • In Yaracuy, a traveler from the Zulia state.

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The Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado, points out that, in total, 126 members of 4 communities of the Pemón ethnic group are infected with Covid-19, but all asymptomatic and isolated. Alvarado pointed out that, in El Vigía, 17 people are affected and in Timotes (Mérida) there is another outbreak, as well as in Sucre, in a community of fishing workers, and in some parishes of Miranda that he did not identify.

Regarding imported cases, 66 are from Colombia, eight from Peru and six from Ecuador.

Given the accelerated increase in cases and a flare-up of Covid-19, the Venezuelan president urged the population to comply with the social quarantine, which started on Monday, and which has been strengthened in 10 states of the country where more cases of coronavirus are registered.

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