Maduro: We Evacuated the Venezuelan Consul in Boa Vista (Brazil) due to Covid-19 and Zero Health Care

The president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reported this Tuesday, June 23, that the Venezuelan consul in Boa Vista, Faustino Torella, contracted Covid-19 in Brazil and is currently in Venezuela receiving proper health care.

“In several states, the regrowth is the direct impact of the painful and exponential growth of the cases in Brazil, Colombia (…) We had to evacuate our consul in Boa Vista as an emergency. He got infected with coronavirus and there was no way to treat him,” Maduro said.

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During a Venezuelan TV broadcast, the president stated: “What in happening in Brazil with the coronavirus is a global scandal.”

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Previously, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, clarified the official’s reference in the Amazon nation, since opposition journalists, including Carla Angola, tried to misrepresent the case.

“Creeping journalism! Absolutely false and inhumane information. Our consul in Boa Vista caught Covid-19 and was transferred by emergency ambulance to Santa Elena, a Venezuelan city near the border with Brazil. He was admitted directly to a ICU. In Brazil they did not guarantee medical attention or treatment,” Arreaza stressed.

Featured image: A mass grave for COVID-19 victims in Brazil, which has more total cases than anywhere else in Latin America, Manaus, April 2020. Chico Batata via Getty Images

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