PSUV Announces 104 New Mayoral Candidates for 21N Mega-Elections – Primaries

In an updated report provided by the First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, 104 new names of candidates were announced, winners in the August 8 Open Primary Elections (EPA) of the PSUV, leading up to the 21N regional and municipal mega-elections.

The first vice president of the “red party” announced 104 candidates for municipal mayoralties, to join the 70 previously announced.

“From now on,” said Cabello, “they are no longer candidates for the PSUV, they are candidates for the united Chavista revolutionary force.”

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Likewise, he stressed that 165 candidates for mayor’s offices are still pending announcement, expected to come in the next few days.

Alongside the other parties of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), the coordination of the electoral alliance is still being reviewed, added Cabello, but by Thursday of this week the lists of PSUV candidates will be finalized

In addition, Cabello announced that they will create a commission to accompany those revolutionary candidates who achieve victory on November 21 during their tenure.

Who are the new 104 candidates?
For the Bruzual municipality: Ingrid Cortés, Independencia: Carlos Vidal, Miranda: Ángel Vásquez, Simón Rodríguez: Jesús Figuera, Juan Capistrano: Alexánder Naffer.

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In the Achaguas municipality the chosen candidate is Daniel Nieves and in the Paéz municipality, José Romero.

In the Girardot municipality the candidate will be Rafael Morales, in José Félix Ribas, Juan Sánchez; in Urdaneta, Aidelys Oyon; in Libertador, Régulo La Cruz; in José Rafael Revenga, Daniel Perdomo.

For the Ezequiel Zamora municipality, Ramón Márquez was elected, in Antonio José de Sucre, Salvador Guerrero, and in Andrés Eloy Blanco, Carmen Márquez.

In the Sucre municipality the winner was Luis Hernández, in Sifontes, Juan Rojas, and in Gran Sabana, Manuel de Jesús.

Johan Castañeda was elected to the Guacara municipality, in Bejuma: Lorenzo Remedios, Miranda: Esdras Sequera, and Naguanagua: Ana González.

For the Girardot municipality, Orlando Aular was elected, in Ricaurte, Yanis Barrada; in Tinaco, Yulimar Barrios; in Lima Blanco, Jesús Pérez.

In the Acosta municipality they elected Henry Estrada; in Bolívar, Darwin Noroño; in Zamora, Natalí Hernández; in Dabajuro, Fiorella Leal.

In addition, in the municipality Unión Génesis Dobuor, San Francisco, Maigualida Tovar; Jácura, Luis Bello; and in Palmasola, Giuseppi Palmieri.

In the Independencia municipality, Rainer Pulido was elected; for Páez, Jesús Monterola; in Paz Castillo, Víctor González; in Zamora, Hugo Martínez; and in El Hatillo, Francis Herrera.

For the Colon municipality, Blagdimir Labrador was elected; in Miranda, Jorge Nava; for Lagunillas, Leónidas González; in Catatumbo, Wilmer Ariz; and in Rosario de Perijá, Olegario Martínez.

Also added to this list are the municipalities of Cabimas with Pedro Duarte; Jesús Enrique Lossada, Danilo Áñez; in Almirante Padilla, Alberto Sobalbarro; and in Francisco Pulgar, Rafael Bracho.

To see the remainder of the candidates click here.



Featured image: PSUV first vice president Diosdado Cabello with part of the party’s directorate. File photo.

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigón

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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