Putin Backs Venezuela’s Dialogue Table During Meeting With Maduro in Moscow (Image + Videos)

Russian and Venezuelan heads of state met at the Kremlin and discussed further steps of cooperation

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his support of Venezuela’snew round of dialogue Wednesday as he met with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at the Kremlin to discuss further cooperation between the two countries.

The meeting tok place as both Putin and Maduro skipped the United Nations General Assembly taking place in New York. Moscow´s support has been essential for the South American country over the last months as the U.S. government continues to seek regime change in the oil-rich South American country.

In a reference to the blockade the U.S. has imposed on Venezuela, Maduro said this meeting was very important, giving the difficult situation his country is in due to external pressure.

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The Russian head of state offered humanitarian aid to Venezuela in forms of medicine and food. He announced plans for Moscow to deliver 1.5 million flu vaccines to Venezuela.

The Russian cooperation extends further to include technology and the military sector. Before leaving Venezuela, Maduro said his agenda includes holding meetings with “important business groups”.

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On his Twitter account, President Maduro said: “I had a positive working meeting with President Vladimir Putin (…) We went through the entire bilateral cooperation map and drew new routes for deepening the system of cooperation and exchange between our peoples”.

At the meeting, Maduro presented Putin with a replica of liberator Simon Bolivar’s sword in the Battle of Carabobo as a demonstration of gratitude for his respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of countries.

Addressing the talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition parties, Putin said: “We believe that any refusal to have dialogue is irrational, harms the country, and only threatens the population’s well-being.”


At the end of the journey President Maduro posted a new tweet from the Red Square in Moscow: “From Moscow, I send greetings to the Venezuelan people charged with success for the extraordinary working day with President Putin. We ratify the map of strategic cooperation to culminate victorious 2019 and ensure the prosperity for years to come. Take care!”

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