Roger Waters in Support of Evo Morales: “You Took Democracy to Every Corner of Your Land”

The musician recorded a video in support of the overthrown president of Bolivia

December 26, 2019.- Roger Waters, a former member of Pink Floyd, recorded a video broadcast by La Garganta Poderosa on Twitter, in which he expresses his support for President Evo Morales after the coup that overthrew him in Bolivia and took him into exile.

The musician speaks to the camera and goes to the deposed president, who wishes that “your exile be short”.

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“You took democracy to every corner of your land and that is why they now try to exploit your people, out of greed,” says the former bassist of the legendary British band.

The creator of The Wall said in the video that “today the world, the truth and history are on your side, hoping you can return as soon as possible to your home, to your beloved Bolivia.” In that sense, Waters added that “I do not doubt that it will be the best, for your people and for you, of course, but also for all of us.”

He also said that “wherever you are, my heart will be with you, as well as millions of hearts of millions of people around the world who believe in Human Rights, in democracy, in equality and in the freedom of the people,” and he did not hesitate to point out that Bolivia “fell to terror, fascism and totalitarianism.”

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With the theme “Time” from The Dark Side of the Moon in the Background, Waters said goodbye like this: “May you return as soon as possible, may you take the reins and may you guide your country towards its brightest future. Evo dear, we are with you”.

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Translated by EF