Tupamaro Spokesman Confirms that Former Secretary General Pinto Violated Party Agreements

The national spokesman for the Tupamaro Movement party, Williams Benavides, ratified this Monday that “it was the militants of that political party who introduced a constitutional protection before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in February, due to the violations that were being developed by the national leadership” of Jose Pinto.

Benavides recalled that in January of this year the political organization debated on four points: the ratification of the enlarged National Directorate, the Tupamaro school, the party’s identification, and the disintegration of the blocs. “These last two were defeated,” he said, according to AVN.

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“In January the Expanded National Secretariat was developed, there four points were discussed which were debated and agreements were reached; however, they were raped by José Pinto,” Benavides said.

On the other hand, he indicated that Venezuela is the victim of a financial and economic blockade, which can only be fought in unity, for which he called on the parties to consolidate the political union amid the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Featured image: Tupamaro’s Jose Pinto.

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Translation: OT/JRE/EF

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