Two Hundred Years After Carabobo, Venezuela Still Remains Really Free and Sovereign, says Jorge Rodríguez

President of the National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, emphasized that 200 years after the Battle of Carabobo, Venezuela continues to remain a free and sovereign nation as it celebrates the bicentenary of the battle for independence.

He made this comment in his speech during a regular session of the National Assembly on June 22, when a proposal to hold a Solemn Session for the celebration of 200 years of the Battle of Carabobo at 4:00 p.m. on June 23 was unanimously approved.

The National Assembly deputy highlighted the importance of June 24 this year as a date of resistance by the Venezuelan people against imperialism and the threats of imperialist attacks, similar to the original historical feat achieved by Venezuelans two centuries years ago.

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”What the empire does not understand now is the same thing that the Spanish King did not understand 200 years ago, that we prefer to live in freedom and not our knees,” declared Rodríguez.

The highest representative of the legislative branch reiterated on the Assembly floor that, in recent years, the people of Venezuela have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the struggle for freedom. “The resistance that common Venezuelans showed in January 2019 to prevent the entry of mercenary troops; the spirit of our soldiers; the force with which the people of Caracas took to the streets on February 23, 2019; President Maduro’s tenacity—all the courage that the people of this country have demonstrated in the face of one of the most cruel presidents of the US empire, someone like Donald Trump, is proof of that commitment,” highlighted the deputy in his speech.

At the session, deputy Luis Eduardo Martínez, representing the opposition at the parliament, stated that “the democratic opposition enthusiastically joins the commemoration of the Bicentenary of Carabobo to cherish the courage and determination of the forces, helmed by Simón Bolívar and José Antonio Páez, that represented Venezuela in combat against the colonial armies.”

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”At a time like this 200 years ago, our infinite determination to be free led us to the path on which we are still today,” added Rodríguez. ”As the Carabobo Campaign is highlighted in our history, the commanding of our troops in the plains against the Spanish armies, the moment of the final battle was almost upon us at this time.”


Featured Image: Jorge Rodríguez addresses the National Assembly session. Photo: Wilmer Errades

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