Venezuela Adds Panama to the List of Authorized Routes for International Flights

In a new statement, the Venezuelan National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) ruled out international flights other than the ones coming from the Dominican Republic, Iran, Turkey, Mexico and Panama between November 11 and February 11, 2021.

Venezuelan National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) published a new statement on Wednesday afternoon, November 11, in which it incorporates Panama among the international destinations that Venezuelans will be able to receive international flights from, joining the previously announced options from Dominican Republic, Iran, Turkey and Mexico.

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The document adds that the rest of the international destinations, apart from those five destinations, are suspended between November 11 and February 11, 2021.

The measure applies to the airports of Maiquetía, Maracaibo, Porlamar, Barcelona, ​​Barquisimeto, Valencia, Punto Fijo, San Antonio del Táchira, Santo Domingo, Puerto Ordaz, Maturín and Caracas.

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On November 2, Venezuela lifted their eight-month restrictions on international flights, enacted within the framework of radical measures to fight responsibly against COVID-19.

In last week’s statement it was announced that, as a preventive measure against the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, the passengers coming on these flights will have to “comply with the collective social quarantine under strict supervision of the State, as well as undergo the corresponding medical evaluations.”

What remains undefined are the operations of domestic flights that have been suspended since March.


Featured image: Simon Bolivar international airport serving Caracas. File photo.


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